Sound Installation entitled:
‘on the ground’ – invisible inaudible

Concept by: Hideaki Takahashi

Sound produced by:
Hideaki Takahashi & Uwe Haas

Sound programmed by: Hideaki Takahashi

Installation produced by:
Hideaki Takahashi & Yuki Anai (Team-Lab)

Sensor programming by: Yuki Anai (Team-Lab)

Date: 16.11.2012 〜 20.11.2012
Time: 12:00 – 21:00 (everyday)
Space: FUCA / IDPW
Address: Chuo-ku Hirao 3-17-13-1F/2F, 810-0014 Fukuoka, Japan
Entrance: free

Concept overview:
A year and a half has gone by since 11th March 2011, yet we still haven’t brought the nuclear power plants back under control and we are still suffering difficulties and living with risks in our everyday lives.
However the issue is that we are getting accustomed to the feeling that, as we see, smell, hear and feel nothing in the air, we might be given back our normal lives as they were before 11.03.2011.
Thus, one cannot be sure of the real situation as long as the threat in the atmosphere is invisible and inaudible.

One remembers a scene in a film by Akira Kurosawa in which a nuclear power plant explodes and the smog from the plant is shown changing into various colours caused by plutonium or cesium or other radioactive substances, and people are running about to try to escape from the coming cloud.
I think one wouldn’t be so concerned about it, if it’s not perceptible through the senses like coloured smog.
Of course, we are all surrounded by not only radioactive but also tons of other invisible or inaudible materials. And I think we have this mutually: not only in Japan but worldwide.

With this sound installation I have tried to describe this kind of invisible and inaudible phenomena and hope you will be able to percieve it sensorally.

Hideaki Takahashi (Autumn 2012, Tokyo Japan)

The work
6 acrylic poles (7cm diameter, 1.6m~2.0m high) stand independently at random on the floor on site as seen in the attached layout picture. The distance between each of the poles is flexible to be adjusted depending on the site.
Each pole has a dual structure i.e. inside it has one more acrylic pole and an LED band is installed inside each pole along its length.

The LED bands in the 6 poles are autonomously pulsing with pale light at low tempo akin to breathing. By way of the 360° ultrasonic sensor attached under each acrylic pole the speed of the pulsing (breathing), luminance and sound are organically varied, and the extent to which this occurs depends on the distance from the poles the visitor is standing or walking. When you are near the poles, the luminance works at maximum level and the pale colouring turns white leading you to close your eyes.
Also the audience makes sound by cutting through infrared rays stretched around the site. By creating this interactive atmosphere visitors begin to perceive an invisible existence while freely walking around the fantastic luminescent towers.

Hideaki Takahashi (musician, media artist: Tokyo, Japan)
Graduate in composition and musicology, Tokyo University of the Arts, also completing the master’s course.
Released and organized CDs, DVDs and live performances with other artists or projects such as mjuc, deep frame and nature blunt.
2006: performance of media opera entitled ‘Our Blink’ employing 6 screens, 8 surround monitors and 16 super tweeters.
2011: media artwork collaboration with Teamlab entitled 100 Years Sea at Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Taipei, then at Venezia Biennale, Dojima Biennale, National Taiwan Museum etc. The exhibition still ongoing.
July 2011: Dancity Festival, Italy. Exhibition of 12 floating balls entitled Teamlab Balls, sound effects performed live.
Collaboration with contemporary dancer Alessio Silvestrin (ex. Frankfurt Ballet) and more collaborations with ballet dancer Chihiro Nishijima, contemporary artist Takashi Ishida, Japanese traditional dancer Shin’nosuke Fujima, and calligraphic artist Sisyu.
2012: Winner of the Laval Virtual Award 2012 for a collaboration entitled What a Loving, and Beautiful World by Hideaki Takahashi, Teamlab and Sisyu in the Architecture, Art and Culture category.

Uwe Haas (film music producer: Berlin, Germany)
Uwe Haas works and lives in Berlin/Germany as a composer , musician and musicproducer.
Among other things, he set to music russian and american silent films from the 1920s, wrote the music for the Grimme Award nominated documentary “The War in Vietnam” and composed the score for for several documentary – and featurefilms.
Uwe Haas musical activities include concerttours in japan, the cd release as “Uwe Haas” for the japanese label Aidingrecords, his cooperation with Tokyobased composer and mediaartist Hideaki Takahashi on different projects like the multimedia
opera ‹h›our‹br›link, as well as various CD releases as S.T.A.R., Field and feldneun.

Yuki Anai (media artist: Oita, Japan)
Graduate of Chiba Institute of Technology.
Currently on master’s program in media design at Keio University, Japan.
A member of Teamlab, Tokyo, Japan.
Developing his own style based on his childhood amongst nature in the countryside, seeking ideas from the relationship of technology and nature.
2010 member of development team for Teamlab Ball and Teamlab Hanger.
2011: development of Den’no Maid Café and Media Block-Chair.
2012: installation with botanically and technologically developed art at TEDxTokyo etc.