BCL (Georg Tremmel /Shiho Fukuhara /Yuki Yoshioka /Philipp Boeing)



Artist: BCL (Georg Tremmel /Shiho Fukuhara /Yuki Yoshioka /Philipp Boeing)
Venue: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Japan)
Period: 19.09.2015 – 21.03.2016
Co-creation on the Web (Open Source Project): 26.04.2015 – 26.07.2015
Event on Software Development (Hackathons): 24.07.2015 – 26.07.2015

Do Spirits Exist in the Data?
-Merging of Biotechnology and Art- ‘GHOST IN THE CELL’ by BCL’s exhibition
The bio media artists collective, BCL. Their pieces always internationally gave rise to controversy concerning biological technology in the near future. Now BCL gives DNA and cells to the representative of the Japanese pop culture ‚Hatsune Miku‘ (a humanoid persona) voiced by the vocal composition processing software that is gaining worldwide popularity. Then, they explore a unique possibility of imaginative power in the Japanese contemporary culture having been developed between the frontier of life and non-life, or between derivative or individual works, or public entertainment and art.

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